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Weekend Workshop

For everyone 


 Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 10-6pm


£150 per person

**Refreshment and snack are provided, but please bring your own lunch**







Develop your creative skill making a mosaic of the size 20x20cm onto wood, using the Indirect technique where the mosaic is created backwards like a mirror image and Direct technique were the tessera is gluded direct onto wooden support.


Saturday  10am-6pm

·         Introduction of the course and of the technique you are going to gain;

·         Selection  of design and  materials;

·         How to transfer / draw an image to prepare the creation of a mosaic;

·         How to cut and shape tiles to create your own mosaic

·         Cutting tiles using nippers;

·         Indirect method: using glue and brown paper; Direct method: gluing yourn tessera direct into the support.

·         How to use mosaic tools;

·         How to create a mosaic using Andamento techniques.



Sunday 10am-6pm

·         Complete and grout your mosaic.



The class runs with a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4 people. Should the course not reach the minimum number of participants, it will not run. 


Before purchase any workshops please carefully read through the Terms & Conditions


All  designs are already  provided by the tutor. If you wish to bring your own design it will need to be agreed with the tutor.


**Secure payment is being made online through Paypal - click on the button Buy Now. If you don't have a Paypal account, then choose the Credit/Debit Card option. If you have any problems to make a payment, please call at 07904269179 or send an email to **

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