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Paper Mosaic Package for Kids | £5

For each Paper Mosaics Package sold, 20% of it will be donated to Mind, a charity that provides support and advice to empower anyone experiencing

 mental health problems. A big help to everyone that is experiencing anxiety and mental distress, especially frontline workers in this crucial time.

Decorate your windows with colourful mosaics! 


Discover  mosaic together with your kids and let them create their own paper mosaics using the eight fun designs and instructions contained in the

Paper Mosaics Package to download and print at home.

Let your kids play with coloured paper, wallpaper, foil, wrapping paper and newsletter to create these paper mosaics through the exercise of coloring, cutting and creating

It's an interactive game that will guide your kids to :

  • Explore different materials

  • Develop ideas and processes for creation of visual art

  • Explore geometry, measurement and space

  • Develop skills such as manipulating of paper, cutting and sticking

Paper Mosaics Package is suitable for Kids +6

What you need 

  • A printer to print the designs and instructions

  • Coloured paper or other type of papers that you have at home were to cut out your paper mosaic pieces

  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue stick

  • A cardboard thick enough to glue onto the paper pieces (e.g the a cereal box).

Buy now your paper mosaic package

After payment you will automatically be directed to a google drive link with a downloadable PDF with designs and instructions to view and print.

Tag me 

Let's share your kid amazing paper mosaic ! 

Once the Paper Mosaics are completed let's put them on the windows

and take a picture of it.

Tag @southlondon_mosaic on your instagram or send me the pictures of it. 

I will post it on instagram and add it here in the Gallery.



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