Giulia Manzoni - Italian Mosaicist

Giulia Manzoni is an Italian Graduated Mosaicist from the Mosaic School of Spilimbergo (Italy) where she gained a complete mosaic education spanning from history and  design to fabrication and installation. Now based in London, Giulia

has collaborated on numerous projects such as the floor restoration of the Victoria &Albert Museum. She is also involved in several bespoken mosaic 

projects and in mosaic teaching.

Her mosaic teaching experience started in 2014 when she was working as Costumer Mosaic Designer in a mosaic studio based in San Francisco. After moving  to London, at the end of the 2016, she was part of the teaching team at the Southbank Mosaic and after at the London School of Mosaic for a short period of time before  starting her own mosaic courses.