Two Day Workshop  |  £ 145

The two day mosaic workshop is an opportunity to explore in depth the art of mosaic making. The emphasis will be on making more intricate and detailed designs. This workshop is tailored to suit both beginners and those looking to improve their mosaic skills.


What you will make

You will create a 20 x 20cm  mosaic using the Direct technique or Indirect technique depending on the session. A wide range of mosaic materials such as unglazed and glass tiles are to your disposition to help your creativity for creating your unique mosaic. 

The workshop includes all mosaic materials & tools, and wooden frame.

All designs are already provided by the tutor. If you wish to bring your own design it will need to be agreed with the tutor in advance.

 Please note that the workshops will run only with a minimum of 2 people 

Time  | 

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm

Snacks and refreshments are provided by the studio but please bring your own lunch. 



Indirect Technique is when the mosaic is created backwards like a mirror image. 

The method involves temporarily fixing the mosaic pieces to a removable backing which holds the design together.

When completed the whole mosaic is transferred onto the base.


Direct Technique is when the tesserae (mosaic pieces) are glued directly on the wooden support like in roman time, using twezzers and tile adhesive. 





  •  Introduction to the course and the       techniques

  •  Selection  of design and  materials;         How to transfer / draw an image to prepare   the creation of a mosaic

  •  How to cut and shape tiles to create your

      own mosaic using mosaic tools

  •  Indirect method: using glue and brown paper

  •  Direct method : gluing your tessera directly   onto the wooden support

  •  How to create a mosaic   using Andamento techniques


  •  Complete and install the mosaic into support if using the Indirect technique

  •  Finishing your mosaic by grouting and   cleaning it