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Islamic Pattern  Course  |  £ 145

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the colors and the intricate patterns that has been used to decorate minarets and cupolas since the 8th sec. AD. You will learn more about the mystery behind the Islamic mosaic and its geometry creating your own Islamic Mosaic.

This special workshop will run only in these three dates: 

  • 24/25th of October

  • 21/22th of November

  • 12/13th of December

 Please note that the workshops will run only with a minimum of 2 people 

What you will make

Using the pattern that has been used to decor The Great Mosque of Cordoba, you will create your Islamic Mosaic of size 15x15cm. A wide range of materials such as unglazed and glass tiles are to your disposal to help you realise your design.

Design reference will be based on the book

 'Islamic Geometric Pattern' of Eric Broug  

The workshop costs cover all mosaic materials use of the studio tool a wooden frame is provided for mounting the piece you create.

Time  | 

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm

Snacks and refreshments are provided by the studio but please be advised to bring your own lunch. 



Direct Technique is when the tesserae (mosaic pieces) are glued directly on the wooden support as done during Roman time, using twezzers and tile adhesive. 





  •  Introduction to the course and the       techniques;

  •  How to create your Islamic pattern using the 'Islamic Geometric Pattern' book by Eric Broug  

  •  How to cut and shape tiles to create your

      own mosaic using mosaic tools;

  •  Direct method : gluing your tesserae directly   onto the wooden support.  




  •  Finishing your mosaic by grouting  and   cleaning it.

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